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Empower your employees to speak up

Anonymous + Instant collaboration + Secure platform

FASA Earthdawn Game Master's Guide (4th Edition) SC MINT

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Evil Nightmare 1983 aac12hjbr7476-Toys & Games

FFG WFRP 3rd Ed Game Master's Guide HC NM-
Flying Buffalo Tunnels & Trolls Dark Temple SC VG+

Manage both simple and complex cases

You can manage your simple cases by filling and closing. Or you can create sub-tasks to send to different stakeholders to allow collaboration for a complex investigation.

Automate case assignment

Route your case to responsible stakeholders based on the rules you setup.

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Communicate with reporter

Don’t worry if it has been reported anonymously. You still can use ®’s anonymous platform to chat with the reporter. Instantly, and anonymously.

One platform

Get everything done in one platform. Organise cases, documents, evidence, communication logs and make anonymous contact with your reporter.

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Gurps Discworld Roleplaying Game -Core Rulebook
'Hero Quest' MB Games Role Playing Board Game complete VGC Dungeons & Dragons

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Evil Nightmare 1983 aac12hjbr7476-Toys & Games

HeroQuest Board Game Hero Quest [ENG 1989]
Hogshead Pub WFRP Doomstones Wars & Death SC NM-

Report safely

Empower your employees, even their family members to report safely via anonymous platform.

Anonymous chat

Empower your employees to follow up with employer on investigation status.

Track progress

If your employees have reported multiple times, they could keep track their cases and continue to have conversation with employer.

ICE MERP 2nd Ed Northern Waste, The SC VG+
ICE, Rolemaster Spell Law, 1981 box set includes early ed of Arms & Char law

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Evil Nightmare 1983 aac12hjbr7476-Toys & Games

Judges Gui D&D Module Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, The (4th Printin SC Fair+

Single person teams

One person managing all workplace compliance tasks is nearly mission impossible.

This tool reduces your burden — allowing you to manage all concerns and track case progress in one platform.

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Growing teams

HR or workplace compliance teams with a few persons will need some advanced functions.

Manage all cases and communication at one platform. Using anonymous chat to communicate with your reporter instantly.

This will speed up your investigation process.

Multiple teams

Large organisations have complex business structures and employees background.

You can set up rules. Route new case and notify case owners when reports come in.

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Mage the Ascension - The Book of Mirrors Story Tellers Guide - Sealed

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Evil Nightmare 1983 aac12hjbr7476-Toys & Games

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Evil Nightmare 1983 aac12hjbr7476-Toys & Games

Make whistleblowing in the organisations or campus easy and safe

Midkemia Press - Tulan of the Isles Revised Edition Feist & Abrams - Sealed Rare

Implement a system employees will trust

Set up a safe hotline to protect your employee’s identity. Only a hotline that works for their best interest encourages them to report to you.


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Evil Nightmare 1983 aac12hjbr7476-Toys & Games

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Evil Nightmare 1983

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Detecting fraud and corruption

Increase the likelihood of detecting fraud and corruption. Often employees, or even your customers and suppliers are willing to report when they witness or suspect a fraud or corruption if they know how.


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Pathfinder RPG ampaign Setting - Faiths Golarion
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Keeping student safe

In the digital age, technology can empower students to report a concern faster. They can take pictures or videos with their mobile phone, then upload the digital evidence to you on-the-fly.

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 Start making your hotline simple and safe

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